Fair “Kozmetika 2010” in Celje

In February 2010 we participated in a fair of cosmetics in Celje, where we had 25 square metres big showroom.

We presented IPL+RF laser appliances, which combine IPL laser technology and radiofrequency (RF), this is to say bipolar radiofrequency. Beside IPL+RF laser appliances we presented a novelty: CAVI SONIC ULTRA SLIM – system for body shaping, which can be applied for unsurgical liposuction, removing cellulite, face lifting, stretching of skin on arms and body.

We also demonstrated the first system for quality and inoffensive whitening of teeth in beauty and hairstyling salons.
Among IPL laser appliances we demonstrated a model IPL CARMEN, the most advanced system in its class. This is a smaller appliance which weighs around 30 kilos and is intended for use in smaller salons, which want to keep up with competition. This is an autonomous IPL laser apliance, without radiofrequency.

Beside a model IPL CARMEN was presented a model eLite ABBIE (IPL+RF). This is also a table appliance, but more powerful and with better and stronger cooling.
Maybe we have to stress that we presented – as the first on Slovenian market – an appliance which features not only cooling of the main unit, but also cooling of the applicator. This means cooling of a surface which is in contact with a skin. Therefore we do not cause burns, which are normal side effects of treatment with a majority of competitive appliances, and at the same quality cooling of a surface of IPL laser applicator enables use of greater power.
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