Cosmetics fairs in Zagreb and Belgrade

March was interesting and strenous month for all of us who are engaged in hairstyling and beauty industry.
In February we exhibited our products at cosmetics fair in Celje, while in the next month we visited fairs in neighbouring countries.
Cosmetics fair in Zagreb wasn’t interesting due to poor offer, it was also very small; by my opinion it had a hint of domesticity, because everything was quite narrow, with a lack of wide corridors between individual showrooms, etc. From a standpoint of technology, technics and novelties it brought nothing special at all.
I looked for information about new technologies, novelties in a field of body shaping and removing wrinkles, but I found out no presentation of new breakthroughs. That’s why I finished visit of the cosmetics fair in Zagreb very quickly.
The next day we moved to Belgrade. This city is more distant than Zagreb, but its cosmetics fair was larger and had more visitors, what was a sign that Serbian women pay quite a lot attention to their image. The fair encompassed larger area that cosmetics fair in Zagreb, it attracted more visitors and offered interesting presentations. Unfortunately, it showed no new products and technologies, what would give some added value in contemporary situation. Presented was only one IPL laser for permanent hair removal. However, its functions were relatively out-of-date.
In a field of body shaping the fair didn’t bring anything new. Also slimming wasn’t especially exposed anywhere despite a fact that the fair went on in a season when people usually start slimming and body shaping. Presented were two cavitations, but none was very advanced. I was a little bit disappointed due to this fact, because I expected some novelties. On the other hand, I was also satisfied to get realized that our appliance for cavitation with radiofrequency Cavi Sonic Ultra Slim fulfills the most advanced standards and gives top results, but at the same time it enables simple operation and doesn’t need any particular maintenance.
But I hardly wait for a moment which will follow very soon, when we will present one more new appliance: ART-CAVI II, which unites the most what can be offered for a quality treatment. It differs from the appliance Cavi Sonic Ultra Slim in having no radiofrequency and having a free-standing design. However, we shall wait … the time to come.