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IPL + RF eLite Tina

IPL+RF laser “eLite TINA” is a selling hit, because it has fantastic characteristics, topmost cooling and gives excellent results – it is an optimal eLite IPL+RF appliance for professional salons, which wish to perform safe and quality treatments. Simultaneously and in synergy are used IPL energy and radiofrequence (RF) energy, what enables substantially better effects than only IPL technology.

  • permanent hair removal
  • skin rejuvenation
  • wrinkle removal
  • removal of acnes, herpes
  • removal of veins
  • healing of red nose
  • removal of various pigmentations
  • skin stretching
  • body shaping
  • decreasing cellulite (monopolar RF)
  • face lifting (bipolar RF)

eBeauty DBT20

IPL, IPL + RF eLite, "In Motion" SHR štiripolarna radiofrekvenca za telo, bipolarna, tripolarna in petpolarna radiofrekvenca za obraz, ultrazvok 1MHz 3x aplikator, kavitacija 40kHz ter Nd - YAG laser 1064nm x 532nm - To je eBeauty DBT-20!